Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn Adventure

I love our friends. We have only been in Minnesota 3 months, but our friends already know how to win us over! I'm always busy with school (residency is more difficult and time consuming than anything else I have ever done in my life) so its sometimes hard to give up large amounts of time to spend with friends. But how can you say no when someone has printed out an agenda for you. Let me explain.....
We went to out to grab a quick bite to eat with the Castanedas Friday night. I thought that was our fun night for the weekend (Tyler gets one night a week, sad I know!) I went home to study and Tyler went over to their house to watch foot ball. When he came home he had this....

I couldn't say no and I've never known Tyler to say no to a round of golf. So Sat we spent the day out and about. First up, golf.

It was a terrible round of golf: Liz through her club, Jose hit a sign, and Tyler lost too many balls to count. They all blame my presence as reason for their poor preformance which is fine with me because it means i don't have to sit through golf again.

Next we were off to Stillwater (cute little town on the wisconson border). We stopped at Aamodt's Apple Farm. Delicious apples. We picked up some amazing apple butter (notice how it's already been opened before I could even get a picture)

Dinner and then a beautiful walk along the river. Ended the night back at the Castanedas for dessert and movies~

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Minnesota State Fair

I am super late at posting this, but better late than never! One thing we have learned about Minnesotans is they LOVE their state fair. I have actually never been to a state fair before. Labor day weekend we spend a day at the fair with our friends Liz and Jose. They couldn't believe we had never been before. They had lots of cute farm animals. My favorite part were the baby pigs, Tylers was all the cute cowgirls...

Fair food is nothing like anything I have ever seen before. Any food you can think of they have it either fried, or on a stick, or both. We enjoyed fried pickles, mini doughnute, mini chocolate chip cookies and a host of other foods

Golf anyone? thank you

My residency is 26 months so this means that for 2 months there is an overlap of 3 classes (Classes of 2011, 2012,& 2013). This also means we get to attend the graduation of the class of 2011. The day consisted of a golf outing followed by lunch and a ceremony that night. It would have been a really fun time except for the fact that I have never been golfing in my entire life! But I wasn't the only one...none of my co-residents in my year had any clue how to golf. SO basically it was 18 holes of racing in the golf carts, putting, and trying to entertain ourselves for 4 hours.

Me and my fellow first year residents

Dave and his family. Dave might be the weirdest guy I've ever met. He has a child with his girlfriend and she is 8 months pregnant with their 2nd, but he refuses to get married. Yet he tells me all the time he's pretty much Mormon except for the fact that he drinks. Somehow I don't think he really understands the principles of the church at all. Looks like it'll be a good missionary opportunity....

Letting the kid crawl all over the golf course...who brings a kid to the golf course. Seriously!

Graduation dinner.

Can't wait til it's my turn in less than 2 years. Only 23 more months!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodbye Friends!

Just as we are getting to Minneapolis and getting settled in the ward and making friends we have to say goodbye to some great people. Our friends the Morses and the Fischers interned with Best Buy here for the summer and are now moving back to finish their MBAs. We sure enjoyed getting to know them and hope we'll get to see them next summer if they accept permanent positions here! But for now best of luck to finishing their MBAs!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What do you do when you are at school for an average of 14 hours a day?.....Sleep when ever you can!!! (Don't worry this wasn't important...just OSHA training)